Jun 12, 2008

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Dinner for 150

      I’d like to put a face, or faces,  to the group of men that have inspired me to write much of what shows up here.  Mens’ Division International (MDI) is a not-for-profit that spans all of North America.  Right now it has very active circles of men in New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, throughout New England, Atlanta, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Los Angeles, San Diego and through the San Fransisco Bay Area.  Teams of men are starting to pop up in Florida, Salt Lake City, Denver, Seattle and virtually any where two men just want to get together to support each other to win in their lives. 

  One of the great things about having men all over the map is every so often we get together to do a gut check on where we are personally and where as an organization we see ourselves going.  We just had one of those soirees in New Jersey the weekend of June 6-8.  Below is a link to  a few photos that chronicle the feast we put on for 150 plus men along the banks of the Hudson River on Saturday night.



 Four men rarely have chance to spend an evening together just being men.  For 150 to do it with no set agenda is virtually unheard of.  It was truely a night to remember.


 For anyone who is interested in checking out what we in MDI do, go to www.mdionline.org or shoot me an e-mail at duxdeluxe@excite.com

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