Aug 6, 2008

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The Excellence of Imperfection

I have never gotten the desire to get things perfect.  To me the magic in life has always come from the unexpected.  When I am confronted with something where every t is crossed and i dotted and every possibility accounted for it is hard for me to fully embrace it.  I might step back as a spectator and appreciate the mastery of the work but I will never have a special affinity to it that will make me an advocate and ambassador for it.  

So rather than trying to intellectualize this let me give an example of beautifully imperfect work:

Louie Louie – the song by the Kingsmen.

Go listen to it.  It is a beautiful mess.  The vocals are garbled, I’m not even sure there are really words to the song.  The drummer sounds like he is backing a dancer at a strip club; the guitar solo has false starts.  But it has energy and it all works.  It has endured for 40 years and the song has been interpreted by every imaginable ensemble.  There is a reggae version and one by the USC marching band and each works beautifully.

Go listen to it and then you will understand the excellence of imperfection. 


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