Aug 9, 2008

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Viva Vegas II

  So I’m done.  What strikes me though is how quickly I went from being the chip leader at my table to out the door.

So more lessons learned –

What happened yesterday is no guarantee of what will happen today. 

Yesterday everything clicked, today nothing I had King 10 suited with K J 9 8 J on the table and I got beat with KQ.

There is never any hurry to get where you are going.

Yesterday I took the time to get the pulse of the table and get a take on the players. Today I kept relying on good cards to stay in hands and forget what I had in my hand was only half the game.  I needed to watch my fellow players and get comfortable with their patterns.

The problem with being the man is everyone is watching.

Yesterday I made a splash; the other players knew my game, by the end of today the players who were still left had for the most part been very quiet on day one, doing just enough to hold on.  If I wanted to stick round I should have changed my game.  I went from being the hunter to being the hunted without really realizing it.

Its never about me, it’s about what’s going on around me.  So pay attention.

The lessons are never about what is going on in my head.  If I take the time to step out of my head there are gems to be discovered.  It is always a good idea to get up on the balcony and get the lay of the land before plunging into action

It’s only a game.   So enjoy it however that may be.  I don’t know how much I would have enjoyed myself just sitting around quietly waiting for my spot, so I went out being me.  It stung at the time but in retrospect I had fun getting there.  And when I was done, I took the lessons and moved on.


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