Sep 10, 2008

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        This past weekend I attended my first gay wedding.  I realized two things, I am not as free spirited as I was once was.  Watching two guys kiss and hug actually made me feel uncomfortable at first.  I got over it though and actually came away feeling it was one of the most powerful and moving ceremonies I had witnessed (but more on that in another entry).  I even teared up a little bit.  The second thing I realized was that maintaining a position about lifestyle in the abstract is one thing but all that changes rather quickly when the thing you are against sows up on your doorstep.

      The wedding was held on Tiverton, Rhode Island, one of the more gorgeous spots I have ever been to on the East Coast.  It looked more like Ireland than America.  Wind swept by the remnants of Hurricane Gustav and on the ocean, with perfect and very old stone walls everywhere, it was magical.   It is also a very wealthy community with a healthy number of McCain signs along the road.  The 140 plus guests seemed to have a decidedly gray haired republican air to them.  Not the type of crowd you’d expect to enthusiastically embrace a gay wedding.  But they did and they did so with a surprising fervor that was premised on a simple observation — an adult man who they had known for 50 some odd years and who had been married to a women for 20 of those years (she died, so this is not one of those he left her for another man stories) was palatably happier than anyone could ever remember.  And who wants to spit in the face of some one’s happiness?

It is probably not much different from what Sarah Palin and family just went through upon learning that their under aged, unmarried daughter was pregnant.  Regardless of how they felt about premarital sex, the reality was their 17 year old was pregnant and that was something they needed to embrace rather than ostracize.

Life is like that.  I seem to think I understand something and that I have a well informed basis upon which to rest my belief and then reality intervenes and I need to re-examine everything.  And there really is no rational argument to use to take on someone’s happiness.   Logic can’t get them to reject the thing that is making them happy.  And since you never know what it is that will make you happy, you should never box your life in by declaring that there is something you will never do, consider or embrace.  You really never know what bridges you will cross until they stand between you and something you desire.

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