Feb 22, 2009

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Just Shut Up

The whole A-Rod thing while not surprising is still nonetheless inexplicable.

I get the doing steroids thing.  I get the belief that “why not do it, I’ll never get caught.”

I’m even starting to get the initial impulse to lie about it the first time he was asked by Katie Couric on 60 Minutes even if I find it reprehensible. Maybe he was stupid or naïve enough to think the question would never be asked but once he was he had to make a conscious decision to offer an outright lie.  He could have refused to answer the question, he could have deflected.  Instead he chose to lie.  What makes it reprehensible is he accepted money for the interview. You just don’t get to have your cake and eat it to.  You have the option to stay quiet. You have the option to turn down the cash.

It’s always been said that the difference between lying and telling the truth is with the truth you don’t need to remember what you said.  In today’s world everything is recorded for posterity and the ability to do in depth investigation into whatever story gets put out there is just scary.  So only an idiot would opt to lie.  Or someone who has become so used to go unquestioned that they are intrenched in believing their own bullshit.  They just can’t imagine someone calling them a ;iar.  But they will and they do and it will get ugly.

So I won’t go into rant about celebrities who live in a bubble and believe the rules we live by don’t apply to them instead I want to use Alex Rodriquez’s foibles as a cautionary tale of keeping your mouth shut unless you are going to honor the truth.

In MDI we have a tenet to our Code of Honor it simply asks that men Honor the Truth.  It does not say tell the truth.  No one has to take on the burden of spending their waking hours as a walking self confessional. We all make mistakes and it is just foolish and self destructive to think you have an obligation to rat yourself out.  But if you operate with the understanding that you have no obligation to speak that means when you choose to speak you best know what you are stepping into.

      Compare A-Rod and Roger Clemens to Charles Barkley.  Barkley just copped to what he did.  No denials.  No excuses.  Just “I get I let a lot of people down.”  “I am sorry they feel betrayed.”  Note he is not sorry for what he did, he is sorry for the way people responded to it.  He acknowledged that he did what he did, let others judge it and dictate the ramifications.  To me this is just a more powerful place to come from.  By choosing to lie, you fail to honor the truth.  You instead take your integrity and throw it out the window.

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