Mar 22, 2009

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March Sanity

I am going to take a week off from introspection and rant about the lack of madness this March,

The NCAAs have been woefully disappointing so far.  In my mind the Committee has killed the goose that laid its golden egg.  Only 4 mid majors get at large bids so all we get is big schools playing big schools.  Not alot of grit, spunk and heroics, just lots of blow outs.  The one exception, Sienna taking out Ohio State in double overtime.

Maybe its just me but I love the underdog.  For me the tournament has always been about 15 minutes of fame and creeping from obscurity into the national spotlight, even if just for a weekend.  One big school who always gets a bid going against another big school both with ridiculous budgets and coaches making millions is just the same old same old.  I mean taking seven teams from a conference with only 10 or 11 teams screams of mediocrity.

For me and thousands of others of my vintage we got the bug in ’78 when Magic went head to head with Bird and not because of the tow of them.  It was not the first time two great palyers met up in the final but it was the back story of Indiana State with its undefeated season and this stud from French Lick forcing its way onto the big stage.  Sure the final was a let down but for that one night we all had hope.  And I got hooked for the long haul in 1984 Cleveland State made Bobby Knight eat humble pie.

Sure the little schools will never win it all but for a moment they force every one to take notice and ask “where the hell is Austin Peay” and “who are those guys?”  They bring unknowns to the forefront like Mouse McFadden and Bo Kimble and previewed the brilliant careers of David Robinson at Navy and Steve Nash at Santa Clara.  They allow my wife to revel in picking a 14 seed over a three because he liked the name of their mascot.

I had no joy filling out my brackets this year because there were no real nuggets out there who would give me a chance to shine.  Even Cleveland State and Western Kentuky weren’t surprise because they had done it all before.

After all we’ve had months and months to watch  the big boys, let’s let the little guys into the pool. 

And for the record I have North Carolina winning it all and nothing pains me more than that.

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