Jun 15, 2009

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This This the first of what will be a series of post Roo posts.  I am back from the hills of Tennessee beaming.  I am exhausted,, still buzzzed with a contact high and working very hard to be coherent.  Will post about my faves — Al Green, Elvis Costello, David Byrne; disappointments (Springsteen), emotions, new discoveries, run ins with state troopers,

Random thoughts.  The weather really cooperated, torrential rain Thursday, some light rain Friday morning, then sun , sun , sun.  I was amazed by how smooth things went. The staff was amazing.

I came with more food , water and baby wipes than were really necessary and next year I will be traveling much lighter but there was just a very cooperative vibe that made it all sooooo easy.   The music was amazing, diverse and ubiqiutous.  There were bands I fell in love with for the first time — Mike Farris and the Roseland Rthym Review were killer first thing sunday morning, Portugal the Man and Vieux Farke Toure were also pleasant first time hears for me.  Al Green, Elvis, David Byrne and Jimmy Buffet were all pleasant reconnects from my past.  Unfortunately Bruce was a huge disappointment.  For the unitiated I am sure his gig was fine but for a Jersey guy who knows what he is capable of, trust me he left a lot in Norway where he was apparently playing the nite before.  I was there with my 20 something nephew and his friends and my brother.  Next year I’ll be back with hopefully a whole rocking chair pod.

I suspect while it was an easy event for me there was still plenty of opportunity for adventure and trouble.  Which is a good thing.  You should always have a chance to push the envelope and Roo provides a safe place to step over the edge and fall into a safety net if need be.

Last time I did the camping in a field at a rock cconcert thing I was a 16 year old kid at Watkins Glen hitching up state to see the Dead, Allman Bros and the Band.  But I need to get some sleep.


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