Jul 23, 2009

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Lazy Crazy days of Summer

Okay so I am off my post Bonnaroo buzz and in the intervening weeks the world has continued to go awry. 

 The Republicans continue to implode and suddenly the Democrats are the paragons of virtue and fidelity. Through the mere bowing out of his candle, Michael Jackson goes from pedophile to the greatest black man since Martin Luther King. Manny continues to be Manny and dispels any debate over whether fans really give a shit about steroids.  Pitchman Billy Mays dies but his info commercials seem to run more frequently.  Peephole voyeurism seems to be the latest craze — just Google Erin Andrews.  The US Supreme Court is about to get it’s first Latina and in a weird twist the Republicans are pulling out the Race card in an attempt to derail that.  Somehow a 59 year old golfer manages to rise above 100 other golfers — most young enough to be his grandson — and comes a putt away from winning the British Open.  And a quarterback who built a reputation as a warrior on the field; who played in pain almost each and ever week is shot dead by a 20 year old girlfriend while he is sleeping on the couch.


 I am sure there is more but I have been busily putting together the framework for the first Annual Convention for MDI (Men’s Divisions International) the 1000 plus man organization of which I am currently the President.  It will be in Las Vegas, October 16-19 and I am still trying to figure out how to get all the details on here.  It is open to any man, well any adult man.  It should be a blast.

Oh yeah and I am addressing what may or may not have been a heart attack.  One stress nuclear stress test and an Ekko cardiogram and no one is quite sure.  More on that some other time.

But all this is just to tickle the key board and stay present.

More later. 


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