Aug 20, 2009

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Laughter is an amazing medicine.  Most of us don’t do it often enough.  According to this youtube clip from John Cleese and the BBC, it actually can cure all ills.

 Now you can take it upon yourself to induce laughter like this guy:

 But let’s face it, that is just weird. 

So I have made it a point to try to laugh myself to tears at least once a day.

Here are links to a few things that help me get there.

The J&K Wedding Dance – Now I know this thing has been subject to overkill but what a gutsy way to start off the rest of your life together.  What I love about this is it is palpable they are having a great time.  Of course with any media frenzy this now seems trite and doesn’t resonate as strongly as it once did.  But watching it will still make you happy.  And for the cynics there is this counterpoint:

Another thing that makes me smile is The Hangover – the movie.  Just the thought of baby Carlos brings out a broad grin and ohhh those credits.  The joy here is I went in convinced this would be sophmoric and infintile.  It was but in a really creative way.  And then there is Caddyshack and Animal House and virtually anything by Lewis Black, Steven Wright or George Carlin.

And then there are things I can just watch over and over and never get tired or, The original Little Rascals before Alfalfa became the focal point.  Monty Python and the Dead Parrot or Cheese Shop skits.  Anything that has to do with Festivus.

On another note is Improv Everywhere – These guys are just brilliant.  They deserve their own TV show

In particular you have got to love the Meet a Black Man Booth in Aspen.

And on the subject of being non-PC, there is Avenue Q.  How can you not love a musical with song titles like, The Internet is For Porn, It Sucks to Be Me and Everyone is A Little Bit Racist?

So during these the dog days of summer, crack open a cold one dig through your old George Carlin records and laugh a little.

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