Jul 11, 2010

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What is MDI?

On this site I make frequent reference to MDI.  Some of you know me as the current President of the organization.  Some of you have no idea what I am talking about.  So let me elucidate:

 MDI is a 1000 plus men’s organization spread out through out North America.   It is an organization dedicated to fostering teams of men who inspire and empower one another to pursue and realize their passion. 

MDI does not actually mean anything.  As an organization we used to be known as Men’s Divisions International but everyone has come to a pretty quick agreement that that is a horrible name that doesn’t really speak to who we are.  So now we are just MDI – much like AT&T is just AT&T, not American Telephone and Telegraph, and IBM is just IBM, not International Business Machines.  We are just MDI

Of course, men being what they are some of our members still need that to mean something, so just think Mentor, Discover, Inspire.  Those three notions show up pretty much in everything we do.

We are not a monolithic organization. We do not follow one great, larger than life guru.  In part that has probably hampered our growth because people are quicker to follow someone with the “answer” rather than accepting the fact that the answer might be standing right next to them in the form of their next door neighbor.  Collective wisdom can be a hard sell but that is what we are about.  We share that collective wisdom through the process of mentoring.  We are less about teaching and more about sharing our personal experience.

In that environment of collective wisdom we get to discover something about ourselves.  Maybe it is what we are really great at.  Or what fuels our passion.  Maybe it’s about what is holding us back from attaining our goals or just being happy or it is the realization that we have this gift to share with others.

And of course once you’ve discovered your greatness you need to be inspired to give it away.  We do that through mentoring men to take on things bigger than themselves.  It is a nice little circle we have.

We inspire men to pursue a purpose larger than themselves – while we recognize that to be effective men must discover and confront their challenges and personal demons; we do not seek to devote our time focusing solely on the individual.

We empower men by providing them with the tools they need to succeed.  This can come in the form of weekend trainings or weekly courses, one on one mentoring or team inspections.  As an organization we believe that true wisdom comes not from a single source but from the diverse viewpoints of our community of men.

We pursue our passion by being in relationship with the men of our team who provide the inspection, feedback and support necessary to get the job done.  When we stumble our teammates are there to get us back on our feet, brush us off, and ensure we have learned the lessons from a set back before we get back into the game.

When we realize our passion we have a circle of men to celebrate with.  These men acknowledge our victories and the unique greatness we bring to the world and allow us to continue to carry our personal legacy forward to our families and communities.


In a nutshell, “We are unconditionally committed to men winning in their lives.”

As an organization we do not seek to define what winning means for an individual man or to dictate what passion a man should pursue.  Nor do we seek to erect the parameters of how that process even looks.

Our teams can be made up of men who meet via the telephone or who meet weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.  They can range in size from three men to more than twenty men.  Our youngest member is 18.  Our oldest is well into his 80s.  We cover the spectrum of ethnicity, political belief and vocation.  We have members who have been married for more than 50 years, who have been divorced, who are in long term committed relationships or have never been married.  Our members may be straight or gay; professional or working class.  The only requirements of membership are that you be a man of legal age, pay annual dues and adhere to our code of honor.

The code embodies the following tenets

           Commitment before ego

           Honor the truth

           Respect confidentiality

           Keep your word

           Be a three dimensional

           Be prepared

           Defend humanity

           Always be faithful to the men

           Defend the code

           Never engage in battles with weaker opponents

           Fight only honorable battles

           Earn and honor rank

           Be humble

           Embrace all men

           Be an example to children



   All men are expected to strive to adhere to these tenets.

The success of our teams is measured by the following:

·         Are the men unconditionally supporting one another?

·         Are the men individually and collectively accountable to their word and commitments?

·         Are they engaged in pursuing something larger than any one man?

·         Are they bringing who they are and what they are about to the families, friends and communities?

Our men can be found throughout New England.  In New York, New jersey and Philadelphia and Atlanta.  We are all over California and in Toronto and Western Canada in places like Calgary, Vancouver and Victoria.  We are starting to bubble up in Chicago, Denver, Florida, Las Vegas, Seattle and Phoenix.  

 We are the men you have always sensed were there, we are there for you now.  Come join us.

You can find us on Facebook or at http://www.mensdivisionsinternational.com/854dir/

  1. Goldstein Dan says:

    i was in geronimo 2000 – 2006 completed honorably
    im recenly transplanted to las vegas and looking for the mens division at here….

    Goldstein 818 632 5360