Sep 2, 2010

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Food Glorious Food

There are certain things we take for granted.  One is that it is important to have a well balanced diet.  I honestly don’t know how true that is but I had the whole concept challenged right before my very eyes.  I spent a week at the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida.   The place is premised on the notion that for the most part the body can heal itself so it sets out to provide it guests with the tools necessary to take control of their own well-being, to allow their body to maximize its potential and heal itself naturally.  What that means in lay mans terms is de-tox.  Both in what you put in and how you get it out.

Hippocrates offers raw food.  Not just raw food but alkaline raw food.  Fruit is off the menu.  No milk, eggs, fish, just lots of sprouts, some veggies, greens and juice.  Not fruit juice but wheat grass juice. No coffee, no salt, no sugar…….  I can see you all cringing.  I know I did going into this.  Giving up coffee was a bitch.  Giving up cooked food was no picnic either.  But I did it with the mantra that it was only for a week. I would think about that first cup of Starbuck’s at the airport on the way home.


A funny thing happened mid-week.  I actually liked the way I was feeling.  I wasn’t really missing any of the food I had given up.  I’ve been back two weeks and I am still eating raw.  I feel great.  Cut 50 points off my blood pressure and shed 15 pounds (I was not a tubby to begin with) and have lots of energy.  Am I going to do this forever, probably not but what it did for me was wake me up to how unconscious I was to what I was putting in my body.  I had dinner with some lawyers last week at Morton’s steak house of all places.  I had my salad, they gorged.  And gorge they did.  I noticed how unhealthy they looked.  There is part of me that hates that I am becoming that guy (you know the one who is acutely aware of how sickly everyone is looking) but there you have it.

I am not going to do a blog on health, you can that elsewhere from persons much well versed than me but I will comment on the human condition, that s what I do.  What blew me away at Hippo U was how once the focus on food dissolved people came face to face with their emotional shit.  Drowning your sorrows in a salad doesn’t seem to cut it.  I witnessed a number of people going through the emotional roller coaster.  I was pleasantly surprised to speak with 70 year old men wop acknowledged that in two short weeks they were talking about and revealing intimate secrets to strangers that they had never spoken about before.


I think another thing that drove the emotional catharsis for many was that there were no newspapers, no TV and none of the numbing g distractions most of us delve into daily.  Sure there were people there wedded to their laptops and blackberries but that was the minority.  For the most part people were there simply to support others in getting healthy.  It was not exactly on big love fest but it was close.  So here I sit, lighter, emotionally, physically and psychically.  We will see how long it lasts.  I am still committed to a good cigar though.  Some things never change.

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